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How to prepare for gastroscopy

The patient should arrive for a gastroscopic procedure with an empty stomach. Diabetics receive priority treatment in the early morning time so that they can take their medications and insulin with their breakfast after the gastroscopy.

Heart disease patients taking anticoagulants have a special preparation. Patients threatened by infections will receive antibiotics for preventative purposes. After the acute bleeding is stopped, patients are hospitalized.

How to prepare for colonoscopy

The patient must have their bowels cleaned by a purgative before the colonoscopy. Detailed instructions on the purgative procedure are provided by the respective general practitioner (referring doctor) and blood coagulability should be tested before the examination. Patients with coagulability disorders and patients using anticoagulant agents have a special preparation.

Diabetics taking insulin must undergo the purgative procedure and the examination before their hospitalization. The preventive application of antibiotics follows the same regulations as the gastroscopic examination. If any serious therapeutic examination is carried out, patients are sent to hospital for a short hospitalization. If necessary, we use the analgosedation (conscious sedation) during the colonoscopy. In that case, the patient should arrange for an escort following the procedure.